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Your Trusted Landscape Lighting Company Serving Montréal & The Surrounding Areas!

When it comes to landscape lighting for Montréal, our local small company here at Éclairage Extérieur Montréal is proud to offer the best services in the area. You can rely on us for excellent customer service, helpful advice, gorgeous designs, and unbeatable results. We secure your landscape lighting so it can serve you for a lifetime, offering any necessary lighting maintenance needed along the way.

For all of your landscape lighting needs for your residential or commercial property in Montréal, call our local experts at 438-929-7120 to schedule an appointment. From outdoor lighting design to installation, we're got all of your landscape lighting needs covered. Bring us out for all of your seasonal Christmas lighting and event lighting needs as well!

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a smart choice for your property as it provides a wealth of benefits that property owners can enjoy. Your property becomes safer with well-lit entrances and a visible exterior, effectively fending off pests and intruders. The safety benefits alone are a great reason to make the leap and get landscape lighting installed on your property.

Landscape lighting also increases the value of your most valuable investment! Make your property worth even more by installing beautiful landscape lighting. It's an asset that protects and beautifies what you own.

Last but certainly not least, we offer landscape lighting and architectural lighting for aesthetic benefits. Outdoor lighting enhances the visual appeal of your property, making it the best it can be by highlighting its most exceptional features. Get high-quality curb appeal by trusting our experts to design and install landscape lighting for you!


Christmas Lighting

Christmas is a fun and festive time that brings beautiful lights to our surroundings, enhancing the warm and friendly feelings that inherently come with this season. Make your property a part of this tradition by bringing out our artistic experts to provide safe and secure Christmas lighting installation for your property to help you celebrate the holidays.


Areas We Service

We're proud to be able to serve our friends and neighbors in our surrounding areas, making our local communities the most beautiful they can be. If you're in Blainville, Laval, Lorraine, Mont-Tremblant, Montréal, Rosemere, Sainte-Agathe, St Eustache, St Sauveur, or Terrebonne, we're here to help with all of your outdoor lighting needs when you call and schedule your appointment with us at 438-929-7120.

Frequently Asked Outdoor Lighting Questions

We specialize in event lighting to make all of your special occasions elegant and lovely, providing truly outstanding results that make your event unforgettable. Our experts can help you design an event lighting setup that brings life to the party, making pictures and memories more beautiful with exquisite light. You can count on us for stunning results with a secure and impeccable event lighting service - just give our local experts a call at 438-929-7120.

We love helping businesses in our area to thrive by providing them with impeccable commercial landscape lighting, increasing the value of their commercial property while boosting business in a noticeable way. Highlight the most beautiful features of your commercial property with this premier service, bringing more customers to your door and keeping your regulars coming back for more. Take your curb appeal to the next level by calling in our commercial landscape lighting service today at 438-929-7120 - we offer outdoor lighting design, professional landscape lighting installation,, and scheduled landscape lighting maintenance appointments to cater to all of your outdoor lighting needs for your commercial property!

If you're willing to go the extra step in terms of Christmas lighting, the best way to go is to work with our professionals who are well-versed in installation and light artistry! We offer the most stunning and striking results that are unignorable, making your property a beacon of beauty in your community all season long. It's also much safer to rely on our experts to secure your beautiful lighting setup for you instead of risking your health by taking on the job yourself - don't scale your rooftop trying to get exceptional results, trust our professionals to get the job done right every year by giving us a call at 438-929-7120 to schedule your appointment.

Scheduled maintenance can diagnose problems before they become issues that can cause further damage to your landscape lighting. Make our scheduled landscape lighting maintenance appointments an essential part of your routine maintenance regimen for your valuable property to ensure your lights continue to bring increased value to what you own. Give us a call at 438-929-7120 to schedule your landscape lighting maintenance appointment with us today!


The Christmas tree at La Grande Roue de Montréal

The Christmas tree at La Grande Roue de Montréal

This was a big project and required multiple people on the ground and one on the lift, in order to get the 35 foot Christmas tree installed. It all started with the assembly of the metal rings. Connecting each section of a rings together, before adding […]

Beautiful Christmas lights in Ste-Dorothée, Laval

Beautiful Christmas lights in Ste-Dorothée, Laval

Trust our Christmas lighting installation service to make your property stand out this holiday season. Don't scale your property in an attempt to secure Christmas lights, let our professionals secure them in a beautiful design for you. Leave the work to us by giving us a […]

Christmas lights in Blainville

Christmas lights in Blainville

When it comes to illuminating your home or business with the enchanting glow of Christmas lights in Blainville, opting for a company that specializes in turnkey installation can be a game-changer for several compelling reasons: 1. Unparalleled Convenience: The process of decking your halls with festive lights […]

Installing Christmas lights on your trees in Terrebonne!

Installing Christmas lights on your trees in Terrebonne!

Sprinkle a touch of magic on your outdoor space this winter by having our team skillfully install lights on real Christmas trees! This holiday season, let us bring a bit of enchantment to your exterior decor. Capture the essence of the season with real Christmas trees decorated by […]

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